Dressing The Fuller Figure For Confidence & Pizazz

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We love our clients and it is very rewarding when we can instill confidence into someone who isn't feeling attractive and good about themselves. Many come in to our studios for help as they don't like the way they look, and nine times out of ten, this is due to weight gain.

Stepping over the threshold is the first step to loving yourself once again. We often hear people say, 'Oh I'll come and see you when I've lost weight'. So the way we see it, you have two options; you can remain miserable whilst losing weight, or you can feel fabulous whilst losing weight, which in itself is infectious and will motivate you to achieve your goal. 

There are some easy changes that you can make to help you on your way:

  • The fabric that you wear is important. Stiff material will sit off your curves and actually make you look bigger than you already are, whereas soft fluid material will sweep over your curves.
  • Wear the same colour on your bottom and top half for a streamlined look. Black is slimming, but it isn't always flattering. So experiment with different shades in your wardrobe. Pop on a colourful jacket or cardigan to add interest to your outfit.
  • Wear print - it's a great way to disguise a tummy if this is your problem area. Avoid geometric or angular patterns, instead opt for florals or paisley.
  • Keep an open neckline
  • Well-fitting foundations are vital. Never under-estimate the power of a good bra! When was the last time that you were fitted properly? Shapewear doesn't have to be torture; think about smoothing rather than slimming.
  • Accessories are a must, but make sure they are of the right scale. Generally, the larger the frame, the larger you can go with accessories (lucky you). A wrist of bangles are a great distraction to the eye. A pair of bobby-dazzler earrings will lift the eye upwards. A colourful bag will elevate an outfit. You get the idea. Go bold or go home!
  • Stay relevant. Adding a couple of trend pieces to your wardrobe will project the air of a confident person. Footwear is an excellent outfit upgrade. For example, you could wear a chunky trainer with your wide-legged trousers.

We haven't even touched the surface with these suggestions. During a Style Consultation, we establish your style personality, help you choose the correct style of clothing, talk about proportional dressing, fabric choices, accessories, underwear, hair styles and so much more. 

Get in touch with your local consultant now and start feeling good about yourself once more.

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