Colour Knowledge Is Power!

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As the summer sales start, it's always a good time to look forward and ask ourselves, what will we be buying next season?

Well according to Pantone, we will continue with our love affair of all things red. From deep and rich earthy shades, to vibrant true reds. And of course, not forgetting the little cousins, coral and a distinctively sugary pink, both of which sit more comfortably in the summer months.

This is why we suggest having some early knowledge of trending colours, as you may well be able to snap up a bargain or two in the sales.

Of course you know that we are evangelical about crafting a wardrobe that is wearable, good quality, flattering, lifestyle appropriate and reflects who you are. In fact, you should be able to fall into your closet and come out looking....well, amazing. Because everything works with each other.

Your very best neutrals are the backbone of your wardrobe; jackets, coats, trousers, knitwear etc., and by throwing in a few on-trend colours each season, you're always going to feel relevant. Even a printed scarf in your best 'reds' will serve you very well.

Do spend a few moments looking through your wardrobe before heading out to the shops. Are there any gaps in there? It's an excellent time to pick up basics, as well as looking out for fashion colours that are likely to serve you well next season. But make sure they are flattering shades.

You can view Pantone's full colour palette predictions from London Fashion Week here.

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